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8 Days Kharkhorin - Ancient History of Mongolia
Ulaanbaatar ~ Bayangobi ~ Karakorum ~ Ogii Lake ~ Ulaanbaatar ~ Terelj National Park

8 Days Eastern Gobi by train
Ulaanbaatar ~ Eastern Gobi ~ Terelj National Park ~ Ulaanbaatar

10 Days Landmarks of Desert & Steppe
Ulaanbaatar ~ Gobi Desert ~ Yoliin Am ~ Khongor Sand Dune ~ Bayanzag ~ Flaming Cliffs ~ Ongi Temple ruin ~ Kharkhorum Erdenezuu Monastery ~ Kharakorum ~ Khustai national Park ~ Ulaanbaatar

12 Days in search of Nomads - Northern Circle Tour

Ulaanbaatar ~ Kharakorum ~ Tsenkher hot spa ~ Terhiin Tsagaan Nuur Lake, Khorgo ~ Zuun Nuur Lake ~ Murun, Huvsgul Lake ~ Moilt Lodge ~ Amarbayasgalant Monastery~ Ulaanbaatar

15 Days Best of Mongolia Tour

Ulaanbaatar ~ Yoliin am valley ~ Khongor sand Dune ~ Bayanzag - flaming cliffs (170km) ~ Ongi Temple ~ Kharkhorum ~ Erdenzuu ~ Tsenkher Spa ~ Khorgo national Park ~ Zuun nuur Lake ~ Khuvsgul Lake National Park ~ Reindeer Herder ~ Khuvsgul Lake ~ Ulaanbaatar

The itineray shown are designed to give you a flavour of what is possible. We can tailor the perfect itinerary to suit you, ensuring you get the most out of your time in Mongolia. Whether it be for two or more people, we can help make your journey a memorable and enriching experience. We offer a range of services to those wishing to travel to Mongolia within a group. Our expert planning and coordination team can tailor a holiday to your need and we can ensure that your group is well looked after from start to finish.

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