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Bhutan Travel Itineraries

Cultural Exploration

Bhutan has a rich and diverse cultural heritage that attracts the visitors across the globe. With this credibility we had designed different itineraries that provide access to a deeper experience of this unique culture, as seen through the eyes of insiders. Our cultural exploration journey includes the remote idyllic villages, rustic ancient monuments, colourful festivals, and charming people, playing archery, soaking into hot stone bath and dining spicy Bhutanese cuisine.

Festival Encounter

The authentic colourful festivals were held year round, performing the sacred dances to honour the life events of a historic Buddhists saint, Guru Rinpoche, and celebrating century's old local traditins, drawing a huge crowd with a spirit of reverence, blessings, festivities and socializing. We have design our journeys to coincide with some selective festivals to immerse into Bhutan's rich cultural heritage, historical events and spiritual discoveries.


Bhutan is a trekker's paradise and an environmentalist's dream land. The high majestic peaks, turquoise glacial lakes, rolling yak pastures, pristine forests, exotic wildlife and remote villages made Bhutan one of the best trekking places on earth. Our treks range from a relaxing village trails to the world's toughest trek (Snowman trek).


Our hiking trips takes you to "off the beatean track" of this magical kingdom, absorbing every places up close, from encountering spiritual and cultural highlights to breathtaking scenery and clean mountain air, that makes Bhutan an incredible destination for the hikers.


Bhutan is a perfect destination for biking oturs in the Himalayas, on both off-road and good paved roads with little traffic amid stunning landscapes and diverse ecosystems. Our biking trips take in all the highlights from western to central Bhutan covering historical fortresses, ancient temples, breathtaking high passes, semi-nomadic villages, intricate yak hair textiles, interaction with friendly locals, and colourful festivals taking place year round.

Luxury Travel

Our luxury escapes takes you on a highly presonalized journey that features the most beautiful and culturally interesting destinations in Bhutan. You will enjoy a balance of in-depth fescinating cultural and spiritual highlight touring, gentle hiking along scenic trails, rafting near the marvelous fortress, witnessing exotic dances, camping nearby Himalayas, dining with locals, while staying in some of the country's top most luxurious properties.

Special Interest Tours - Photography Expedition

Bhutan's rich intact cultural heritage, marvelous traditinal architecture and scenic landscape attract the photography enthusiast across the globe. Our photography trip takes you into Bhutan to shoot images of exquisite temples, timeless farming villages, and the towering Himalayas. Capture scenes from a lively market or red robed monks against a backdrop of whitewashed dzongs (Medieval fortresses). Shoot photographs through scenic mountain passes covered in colorful prayer flags, lush green valleys and breathtaking panoramas of snow-clad peaks.

Special Interest tours - Wedding trips

With the well preserved cultural and social values, the wedding ceremony in Bhutan is differnt from the wedding in the metropolitan cities across the world. Wedding ceremony in Bhutan is much more than exchanging of vows and wedding rings. It involes a series of Buddhist religious rites to ensure the successful marriage life for the newly wedded couple. This is an experience of a life time for every couple desired to have their wedding ceremony in a traditional Bhutanese way in Bhutan.




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