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Ngapali Beach

A short 40 minutes flight from Yangon up to Myanmar's west coast lies the slowly awakening beach resort of Nagapali beach. Here golden sand beaches, palm trees, and the clear green waters of the Bay of Bengal create an idyllic and relaxing environment. The few hotels currently in operation offer attractive accommodation in all categories. And although "quiet" is the watchword for Ngapali beach, there are still a few windsurfers and sailboats for hire. Bicycles can also be rented for sightseeing on the quiet roads to the nearby fishing villages. Or a small boat can take you just off shore where you can observe the local fisherman at work. In the evening, after the sunt has slipped gracefully over the horizon, the beautiful night sky fills with bright stars and a romantic tropical moon. The perfect ending to the perfect Myanmar holiday.

Kyiaktiyo (Golden Rock) 風動石


To reach Kyiaktiyo one must drive north to Bago (Pegu) and then turn south and drive into the Mon State for another 4 hours. Kyiaktiyo is one of the most revered Buddhist sites in Myanmar and is located high on a mountain. It is known as the "balancing or golden rock" and is supposedly held in place by a delicately placed hair of the Buddha. Vehicles are not permitted near the top where the Golden Rock is so visitors must walk up the hill for about 45 minutes to reach the site.

Ngwe Saung Beach 維桑海灘

Ngwe Saung is located directly west of Yangon, also on the Bay of Bengol. The beach can be reached by a 25 minutes flight to the city of Pathein and then a one hour transfer to the beach. It is also accessible by car from Yangon (about 5 hours drive). The beach is similar in quality and has the same tranquil atmosphere as Ngapali Beach.

Myauk U 苗烏

In the western Rakhine state just off the Bay of Bengal lie the remains of the last royal capital of the Rakhine dynasty, established in 1430 and lasting 350 years. This once almost invincible walled city was protected by a series of moats, canals and lakes and was an international trading port. Today, it is a small quiet town surrounded by a few canals with the ruins of some 70 distinctive pagodas scattered in and about the town amond scenic hilly terrain. Part of the adventure of Mrauk U is getting there. After flying into the city of Sittwe north of Ngapali Beach, you then must travel up the Kaladan river to reach Mrauk U. Although there is an express boat available, most people take the 5 to 7 hours ride by using one of the older private boats for hire.

Monywa 蒙雅市

This major agricultural trade center for teh Chindwin valley is about 3 hours drive west of Mandalay and is located on the Chindwin river, one of the three major rivers in Myanmar. One of the prime attractions of Monywas is the very colorful Thanbodday Pagodawhich has 845 smaller stupas surrounding the richly decorated central stupa. It is very different from most other pagodas visitors will see in Myanmar. Also of interest are the Po Win Taung caves, located just across the river with their sandstone caves containing many Buddha images and interesting frescoes (paintings) on some of the cave walls.

Pindaya 濱德雅鎮

Also located in the cool elevation of the Shan hills are the popular Pindaya caves. Located just outside the small town of Pindaya, this vast complex of limestone caves houses more than 8,000 Buddha images placed there over the years by Buddhist devatees as a form of merit making. The statues are of all sizes and are placed in virtually every nook and cranny thorughout the cave. The drive to Pindaya is also scenic as the road passes over rolling hills and through farmland.


The most alpine of the former British Hill Stations, Kalaw at 1,320 meters elevation provides a very pleasant retreat from the heat of the lowlands. Enjoy the fragant scent of pine trees and the cool mountain air. There are some interesting temples and some old colonial style houses to see as one explores around the hills upon which Kalaw is built.



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