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9-Days Silk Road Highlight Tour
西安 - 嘉峪關- 敦煌 - 吐魯番 -烏魯木齊


Day 01 Hong Kong/Xian 西安

Take a direct flight to Xian - the capital of 12 dynasties in Chinese History and starting point for the great trade caravans of the ancient Silk Road. The importance and prosperity of this ancient capital left behind a wealth of valuable historical sites and fabulous archaeological discoveries.
Hotel stay in Xian.


Day 02 Xian 西安

Breakfast at hotel.
The day's highlight will be a visit to the amazing Terracotta Warriors - a world famous archaeological site. Next you will visit the Huaqing Hot Spring, once the favorite bathouse for the Tang Dynasty Concubine Yang Guifei. Browse the National Museum of Shaanxi History. Enjoy a dumpling banquet.
Hotel stay in Xian (breakfast & lunch).

Day 03 Xian 西安 / Jiayuguan 嘉峪關

Transfer to airport for departure>
Upon arrival at Jiayuguan, you will be meton arrival and visit the Jiayuguan Fort at JiayuguanPass.
Hotel stay in Jiayuguan (breakfast & lunch).

Day 04 Jiayuguan 嘉峪關/ Dunhuang 敦煌

Breakfast at hotel.
Depart for an early morning tour of Overhanging Great Wall. The private transfer to Dunhuang (approx 04 hours drive). You can enjoy the beautiful view of the landscape en-route.

Dunhuang, meaning "Blazing Beacon" , was the centre of cultural and economic exchange between the East and the West. Leaving institutes of the world regard the Dunhuang collection as an important source of studying Chinese culture, with a stream called "Dunhuangology".

After arrival at Dunhuang, visit will be made to the County Museum, with exhibits from Mogao Caves and sacrificial objects from the Han to Tang Dynasties; and the Yangguan Pass, south-west of Dunhuang with eroded Han Dynasty beacon towers.
Hotel stay in Dunhuang (breakfast & lunch).

Day 05 Dunhuang 敦煌 / Liuyuan station / Turpan 吐魯番

Breakfast at hotel.
Spend the morning at the world-renowned Mogao Caves 莫高窟- the largest and richest ancient art treasure in the world and also "World Heritages" site by the UNESCO in 1987. Try sand surfing or camel riding around the Mingsha Sand Dunes 鳴沙山沙丘 and mysterious Crescent Moon Lake 月牙泉. Transferred to the Station for an overnight train to Turpan.
Accommodation on the train (soft sleeper) (breakfast & lunch).

Day 06 Turpan 吐魯番

Upon arrival at Turpan, transferred to hotel for breakfast and a rest.
After lunch, visit the Emin Minaret, a typical Uygur architecture; the Karez 坎兒井- an amazing irrigation system which made Turpan a rich oasis; and the Ancient City of Jiaohe - a UNESCO "Natural Heritage" site. Be the guest of a Uygur family and savour specialties like milk tea, nan, shish kebabs, poluo rice etc. Return to hotel for the Uygur performance.
Hotel stay in Turpan (breakfast & lunch).

Day 07 Turpan 吐魯番 / Urumqi 烏魯木齊

Breakfast at hotel.
Drive past the Flaming Mountain 火焰山, made famous by the story of the Monkey King; take a donkey cart ride around the Ancient City of Gaochang 高昌古城 which contains traces of Nestorian, Christian, Persian and Manichean influences; and the Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves. Travel to Urumqi - the capital of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Enjoy souvenirs-shopping at the Bazaar.
Hotel stay in Urumqi (breakfast & lunch).

Day 08 Urumqi 烏魯木齊

Breakfast at hotel.
Cruise around the Heavenly Lake 天池 which is surrounded by alpine meadows and rugged snow-capped mountains densely covered in fir, pine and cypress. After lunch, visit the Xinjiang Regional Museum with exhibits on archaeological treasures from the Silk Road including 3,000 year-old mummies and the carpet factory.
Hotel stay in Urumqi (breakfast & lunch).

Day 09 Urumqi 烏魯木齊/ Xian 西安/Hong Kong

Breakfast at hotel.
Transfer to airport for take the flight back to Hong Kong via Xian (breakfast).


Have a nice holidays!

Remarks :
Every effort will be made to adhere to the planned itinerary.  However, due to weather conditions and reasons beyond our control, changes to the itinerary might occur, for which the company accepts no responsibility.



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