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Xian 西安

For centuries the city of Xian was the heart of the Chinese Empire and seat of its most glorious dynasties. The city and surrounding countryside is honeycombed with fascinating archaelogical remnants of these halcyon days, but the biggest attraction of all remains the Terracotta Wariors of the First Emperor of Qin Shihuang. Dating back to 200 BC, the ranks of larger than life size statues, each unique with many mounted on horseback, make an extraordinary sight in their three excavated pits.

In Xian, there are numerous ancient pagodas and the Shaanxi History Museum, arguably the best in the country, which houses a remarkable array of artefacts spanning China's entire history.

For a taste of living China you can visit the lively Muslim Quarter, home to the country's oldest mosque and rich with the aromas of street cooking, and stroll along the magnificent city walls.

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