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Ideas for experiencing Peru

Peru's ancient remains, rich culture and myriad landscapes present a huge number of attractions and activities for visitors. Machu Picchu is an obvious highlight and the magnificent Inca citadel can be explored in a variety of ways, from a five day trek to a three hour hour. Visit the Colca Canyon for an early morning climb to Condor's Cross to witness the world's largest flying bird swooping overhead, or board the Andean Explorer train in Puno and travel through snow-capped peaks and herds of Ilama to Cuzco. Here you'll discover the city's thriving art scene and delightful colonial architecture before exploring the surrounding hills and their numerous Inca sites.

Heartland of the Incas, Perus is still littered with sites that showcase this powerful empire's prowess as master builders, most notably Machu Picchu. Visiting this citadel hidden in the mountains is inspiration enough for a first-time visit, but the Incas were just one in a long line of peoples with a surviving legacy to explore. The landscape is equally varied: from the heights of the Andes down to the rainforest and quieter tributaries of the Peruvian Amazon. Peru feels like a country on the ascendency, reflected in the quality of hotels, and a penchant for fine food.

Despite being a country of classic journeys, not every trip to Peru has to follow the same paths. Our specialists will carefully plan your holiday as an individual tailor-made trip to match your preferences.


Lima ~ Inca ~ Lima
利馬 ~ 印加 ~利馬


Lima ~ Cusco ~ Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu
利馬 ~ 庫斯科 ~ 聖谷 ~ 馬丘比丘

Our standard tour suggestions are some of the recommended routings. As this is a private tour of your own, you are most welcome to select your preferred departure dates and tour durations. You may modify the itinerary by adding extra activities during your tour. Please feel free to contact our Travel Specialist for further information or arrangement



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