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Marrakesh 迷人的馬拉喀什


Marrakesh Marrakesh is a fabled city and one of the most evocative names in African travel. Over its turbulent thousand-year history the ctiy has fallen in and out of flavour with the ruling sultans, but its funcation as a market and place of trade has continued regardless. Today it is the medina that defines Marrakesh, a sprawling lattice of narrow alleyways resounding to the manufacture and sale of countless goods. At its heart is the Djema el-Fna, an open space that comes alive at night, packed with entertainers and soothsayers. Interspersed amongst all the activity are proud and beautiful reminders of the city's past in the towering minarets, ornate tombs and cavernous palaces, encircled by ochre ramparts, shaded beneath swaying palms against the distant backdrop of the imposing Atlas Mountains.



The Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains are in fact three distinct ranges that run in bands across Morocco's interior and divide it into strips of lower-lying land. Furthest north are the Middle Atlas, while the southerly range are the Anti-Atlas that attempt to keep the desolate Western Sahara at bay. It is the High Atlas that is the most dramatic, containing North Africa's highest peak - the 4,167 meter Jebel Toubkal - as well as countless Berber villages terraced onto inaccessible ledges and perfectly preserving a tenacious culture. From Marrakesh it only takes about 40 minutes to drive to the High Atlas, a wonderful chance to escape to the clear mountain air.


Chefchaouen 舍夫沙萬

Chefchaouen Blue CityChefchaouen is situated at 600m in the er-Rif Mountains, just inland from Tangier and Tetouan. Founded in 1415 by Cherif Sidi Ali Ben Rachid and Moorish exiles from Spain, it was to remin unfinished as he was assassinated by the Portugese. Chefchaouen is an iconic village and best things to do in Morocco. The old town is literally awash with blue buildings that make it such a unique place to see. Make sure to visit the medina, you'll find it a much more relaxing and calm experience compared to the souks of Marrakech.

The city is full of attractions. Its medina is small, but authentic: stroll through its alleys to mingle with the locals and take in the smells of everyday life. There is also kasbah right in the middele of the historic district, whose lush gardens a a cool haven in the heart of the city. The town's museum is also worth a visit to check out its collectin of anique weapons, photos of the city and textiles.

Chefchaoen is also a paradise for hikers. The surrounding mountains are full of tempting walking trails.

Come to enjoy the "Little Blue City" with your Morocco dream holiday!


Casablanca 卡薩布蘭卡

Casablanca is like ports everywhere: quite crowded, industrial and full of thirsty sailors. It is a major hub. It is home of the Hassan II Mosque. Built by the previous king using donations from the public. It is surpassed in size only by the mosque in Mecca, with a prayer hall three times the size of St. Paul's Cathedral.

Everyting happens in Casablanca! And its dynamism is infectious. The architectural tradition of the city endures to this day with the inauguration of the Hassan II mosque on the 30th of August 1993. This 200m high mosque is one of the largest in the world. The hectic Maarif district exemplifies modern Casablanca. This previously impoverished area, just west of the Arab League Park, has gradually been transformed and is now one of the most prominent neighbourhoods in town. The young Moroccan jet set patronise its luxury shops and its trendy establishments in the shadow of the Twin Center twin towers. You must also visit Anfa, Casablanca's upmarket area. Boulevard Mohammed V, situated in the city centre, has kept its arcades under which shops and restaurants abound for almost 2km.


Meknes, The Heritage and simplicity

Meknes is an engaging Imperial capital which is pleasant to live in. Despite the wealth of its hostoric heritage, it has retained the simplicity of its origins.

In the 17th century, the Alaouite sultan Moulay Ismael decided to make Meknes one of the most beautiful and powerful Imperial cities in Morocco. And still today, protected by around 40km of walls, it has preserved imposing monuments, including numerous mosques which earned their name from the "city of hundred minarets". Among them, the Great Mosque, probably founded in the 12th century, is remarkable for its gates with beautiful sculpted canopies. Its medina and the remains of the royal palace earned Meknes a place on UNESCO's world heritage list. The city is still prosperous, benefitting from the harvests of the fertile Sais plains (grain, olives and grapes). Considered to be one of the most beautiful gates in the world. Bab Mansour was constructed in the begining of the 18th century.


Rabat, the Capital

Rabat, the capital of Morocco, shows two distinct faces: the modern, French-inspired town, with wide tree-lined boulevards, cafes and bistros peopled by government officials, and historic Rabat, centered on the 12th-century walled medina built by the Almohad sultans. Here, a forest of columns and the lower section of a huge Moroccan-style minaret are all that remains of Sultan Yacoub el Mansour's attempt to build a mosque that was designed to rival that of Samarra in Iraq. Slightly further from the centre of town is the Chellah, the tombs of the Merenid dynasty, now a wonderfully atmospheric, crumbling set of ruins.



Tangiers 丹吉爾

For many years, Tangiers enjoyed the status of an International Free Zone, free from normal rule, which helped creat a cosmopolitan and somewhat raffish society. Something of this spirit lingers and life in Tangiers has more of an edge than any other Moroccan city. There is an attractive old medina which blends Islamic and Berber influences but also some wonderful example of Art Deco architecture dating back to the city's louche days of the 20th century.



Fez, the Imperil
菲斯~ 皇城

Fez TanneryPeriodically capital of Morocco, the city of Fes has always occupied a place at the spiritual and political heart of the country. Founded in the 9th century, many of the early settlers were Islamic refugees fleeing neighbouring Tunisia. They founded the Kairaouiyne Mosque, a spiritual and intellectual powerhouse of the Islamic world. The medina and souqs are probably the best in Morocco, truly labyrinthine, assaulting the senses with new sounds, exotic scents and an intense experience unlikely to be rivalled elsewhere.



Merzouga ~ The doorways of sands
梅爾祖加 ~ 通往沙漠之路
The Erg Chebbi

Merzouga, a small Saharan village located in the south-eastern Morrocco, 35km from Rissan adn 50km from Erfoud tand and Algerian border. Merzouga is famous for its sand dunes, the highest in Morocco. The village adjoins the greatest of Morocco Erg Chebbi.

A few meters away, the desert rises majestically, offering an exceptional ochre panorama which varies according to the curve of teh shining sun. Merzouga is a preferred destination of southern Morocco for anyone who wants to experience the desert. The Sahara Desert

The first colossal dunes of the Sahara rise at Morocco's eastern edge. The best time to see the dunes is at sunrise and sunset when the changing light subtly alters their colour with each passing second, from butter yellow to gold, ochre and honey. The Erg Chebbi dunes are the most accessible area of the Sahara in Morocco, but are not easily incorporated into a short trip, being about 10 hours' driving time from Fez and at least as far from Marrakesh. This is best to go for 3 days round trip to fit them in.



Ouarzazate and its treasures
瓦爾紮紮特~ 實藏之路

Ouarzazate has laways been a city of strategic and historic importance, sadly not really reflected in the determinedly modern architecture. It is, however, a great base and staging post for exploration of the kasbahs, valleys and deserts of the south, and possesses a couple of interesting kasbahs itself. Taourirt is the best of these, and has been restored, now standing at the heart of a complex of traditional housing, craft shops and cafes. The surrounding scenery has attracted Hollywood, and there are a number of film studios with famous credits to their name dotting the outskirts of the town.


Essaouira, by the winds
索維拉 ~ 風之城

A short trip over the dunes of Mogador will take you to Essaouira, where you will learn about its history and heritage. From the top of the ramparts you can see the Atlantic and the fishing port with boats returning home, heavy with their catch. From the Bab El Marse port, you will enter the medina, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and meet the most celebrated marquetry inlayers and cabinetmakers in the kingdom.

The cornice of Essaouira is exquisitely beautiful, just before the Dzira and opposite to the small harbour, the relaxation is ensured with schools dedicated to surfing as well as activities related to wind.

A few miles south to the road to Agadir, one can enjoy unique islets and Riads, as well as a place which is still virgin: this is the beach of Sidi Kaouki, located about 25km of the city.


Agadir 阿加迪爾

The leading seaside resort in Morocco deserves its title. With its miraculous climate, providing a minimum of 300 days of sunshine a year, and its 10km-long beach. Agadir has all you need for a great seaside holidays. It contains a marina which can receive several hundred pleasure boats. The developed coastal road allows you to stroll along the sea front. It offers a complete panorama view of the beautiful bay.

Do not miss the visit of the port. It was destroyed by the earthquake in 1960. The kasbah no longer has its crenellated ramparts. Nevertheless, this elevated site has a complete view of the bay, the port and the new town.

Slightly to the south of the city center, this is a place to be discovered with great delight: the new medina was reconstructed from the 1990s onwards by Italian architect Coco Polizzi. There is careful urban development. It is an orginal and bold success, where the Moroccan soul still survives. The jewelry souk and the Moorish cafe are also worth the visit.


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