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Philippines is made up of 7,107 islands. Big, Small, Sandy, Sunny, Relaxing, Exotic and Beautiful!

Capital Manila
Currency Philippine Peso (PHP)
Time Zone GMT +8 hours
Electricity 220 volts, AC 60 cycles, Some hotels will carry 110 volts outlets.
Language Filipino is the national language but English is widely spoken. There are also 176 local dialects.
Credit cards

MasterCards, Visa, Diners Club, American Express, JCB.

Most establishments in Metro Manila and other provincial capitals accept most international credit cards. But when travelling around the islands, make sure you carry enough cash as ATMs are less common outside cities.


Average temperature of 25°C to 32°C

March to May - Hot and dry months
June to October - Wet season
Novemeber to February - Cool and windy

Seasons The Philippines may only have two seasons-wet and dry but when it comes to activities, we have thousands morel. Before your trip, check out what provinces are having their fiestas, or whether you can swim with whole sharks and dolphins!
What to wear

Bring light and breathable clothes. When visiting the mountain regions, use warm and insulated clothing.

For formal occasions, men can wear dinner jackets with ties or the Phillipines barong tagalog. Women can use cocktail dresses or long gowns.

When visiting churches, temples, mosques, or other places of worship, use your discretion and do wear the appropriate clothing. Avoid sleeveless shirts, shorts, and slippers.

Business Hours

Goverment offices: 08:00 am to 5:00pm, weekdays
Malls: 10:00 am to 09:00 pm daily
Banks: 09:00 am to 3:00 pm, weekdays
ATM: 24 hours daily

Water There's portable tap water in most cities and bottled water is available in hotels, supermarkets, and convenience stores.
Religion Predominantly Roman Catholic. Smaller populations of Protestants, Muslims and Buddhists.
Tipping Tips are normally 10% of the bill, but are optional when there's service charge.

To reach other parts of the country, you can easily travel by air, land or sea. Commerical carriers have scheduled flights to major destinations and island resorts, while bus terminal have daily rides to the provinces and other cities as early as 06:00 am to 12:00 mid-night.

You can go around the city in jeepneys, metered taxis, buses, rapid transit systems like the Metro Rail Transit (MRT), tricycles, and rent-a-car services.

You can hail one from anywhere and almost all drivers speak and understand English. Flag down rates may change so don't forget to ask your hotel what the standard charge is. Be sure the meter is turned on before you go.

Fun things to do in the Philippines:

Fing your own deserted island

It's no exaggeration. With thousands upon thousands of unspoiled tropical islands, lined with white sand beaches and coconut trees, you can find your island paradise even without a map.

Just book an island-hopping tour on an outrigger boat (locally known as a banca) and set sail wherever the wind takes you. And don't forget to enjoy a meal of the freshest seafood right in your own Robinson Crusoe fantasy.

Go Diving

The Philippines has some of the best dvie sites in the world! And with warm, inviting waters, you can explore in just a rashguard and board shorts.

If you are not a diver, there are numerous PADI-certified centers all over the country where you can swim among countless species of corals and fish.

Learn some water sports

You'll never run out of things to do in the Philippines - whether it's underwater, or above it. And the best thing is, you'll get a great tan while you're at it.

With different kinds of beaches and waves, the archipelago is perfect for every imaginable kind of water sport. Check with your resort on what activities you can try.


The traditional Filipino massage has healing properties associated with acupuncture and aromatherapy.

And you'll discover that you can find a spa almost everywhere you go - from a busy mall to a deserted island. But for the ultimate in relaxation, travel to a luxury resort spa that takes up an entire tropical island!

Experience partying the Filipino way - at a fiesta! If you want to soak up the culture, then you should definitely catch a Filipino fiesta. It's usually a crazy, intense celebration with tables and tables of food, singing, and street dancing.





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